Monday, May 20, 2013

Could This Be Spring?

 Well if you're in Newfoundland you're probably thinking that this can't possibly be it.  And even here in PEI it has been dubious by times whether spring was really showing up or not.  This weekend we got to enjoy not only icy cold rain showers but some snow was mixed in just to keep things interesting.  I am thankful though that the snow did not stick around like it has in Newfoundland--I can't imagine digging out from under 25 cms of snow on the May long weekend!!!  That being said we have been enjoying some warmer weather although somewhat sporadically.  We've had the kiddie pool out and the kids really LOVED being able to splash about in it again.  And we went to the beach for the first time of the season.  We didn't swim but, we did muck about in the waves and played in the sand.

Today we had a grand time of it doing outdoor work with the kiddos.  Marko finished the second section of fence for my veggie garden and he made my second planter to go in the front flower bed.  Emma-Lyn and I primed them and hopefully we'll get them painted this week.  We got the garage cleaned and because of that we were able to haul out the BBQ!!  Very excited about that.  I have some of my herb garden planted in containers  in the side flower bed which I'm really thrilled about.    As far as my veggie garden goes, I haven't got it planted yet.  I'm trying out something new to me, it's called a no till garden and it's a more organic way of growing veggies.  I put down a good layer of topsoil, covered that with newsprint and followed that up with a layer of dry leaves and grass clippings.  From what I have read this is a great way to keep weeds to a minimum and maximize the health and harvesting of my plants.  I have some seeds and hope to get some seedlings to put in the garden this week.

 I call this "Pure Joy!"

 And for me this is "Pure Delight!"

My little herb garden.

And this is the front flower bed--just missing my new planters--hope to get those in this week.


Michelle said...

Laura, I have "Lasagna Gardened" for the last number of years and I love the soil that it becomes, so light and lovely. I steal leaves from the brown bags at the end of peoples driveways in the fall and put a layer of that on, it works great. We also stir in some grass clippings and peat moss.

Laura said...

Yay! Glad to hear that this works for others! I'm looking forward to the results!