Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Highlight Reel

 In case you were wondering, spring did indeed come to the Island as did summer.  We are currently enjoying some lovely warm summer weather!  I LOVE it!  It has been such a welcome relief from the winter that did not seem to want to end.

Since last I posted, May has finished as have June and tonight at midnight marks the passing of July to August.  We've been enjoying a fun filled summer.  At the beginning of June I went on a trip to a homeschool conference with a wonderful group of moms and just had the most wonderful time.  The kids and I worked on the garden and it is now producing, we've had some snow peas, a lot of lettuce and the tomatoes are coming along nicely.  We've had days at the beach, playdates at the parks, parades and fireworks, and trips to Nova Scotia and to museums.   Sean is currently enjoying his first camp experience at Emmanuel Bible Camp.  We dropped him off on Sunday and we pick him up on Friday evening.  I can't wait to hear all of his stories!  Later on this month we plan on going camping, Sean and Emma-Lyn have a week long VBS to go to,  a Sunday school picnic to go and any other fun things we think up to do.

In case you're wondering, I'm about 5 months along now and feeling great.  I had some morning sickness but nothing nasty--I still can't handle strong odours but it's not bad.  I haven't had any cravings as of yet--in past pregnancies I've craved ice chips so we'll see if that comes up again.  The kids are excited about the our new baby boy and were extremely thrilled when they got to put their hands on my tummy and feel the baby kick.

 Loving the trail walks.
 And of course we love hitting the beach as often as we can.

 We went to Avonlea Village and had a wonderful time with other homeschooling families.  I even got to try out my manure flinging abilities--I came in second. :)

 Everyone loves a parade and we've been to quite a few.  Looking forward to this year's Gold Cup and Saucer Parade in a couple weeks.

And who could forget strawberry picking! So much fun and oh so tasty!  We picked 16 pounds which made for quite a few jars of jam.

 And this is Miss. Emma-Lyn showing off her newly acquired bike riding skills.  She is so happy!

 Since this October marks our 10th anniversary, Marko and I went on a little getaway to the South Shore of Nova Scotia--here we are at Peggy's Cove.

The following weekend we took the whole family to N.S to camp in my folk's backyard.  We went to the Shubenacadie Wildlife park, the Balmoral Grist Mill and the Sutherland's Saw Mill.

 This is Balmoral Grist Mill--such a beautiful spot.

And here we have Sean and his friend at camp--they both look pretty clean here, wonder how grubby they'll be by Friday!