Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Lazy Days of Summer...

It seems like just yesterday it was July 1st and the whole summer lay before us just waiting to be explored and now here we are enjoying the last couple of weeks of a wonderful summer.  I have loved every minute--the weather has been grand and we've been able to travel and check out new places. 

That being said I think we're all looking forward to the fall and the school routine again.  I've been busy planning and getting things ready and I'm looking forward to exploring subjects with the children.  At the same time though, I do love how free flowing homeschooling can be.  Everything doesn't and usually won't be marked down in any planner, there is just so much learning happening anyway that I don't think you could get it all penned in.  Just the other day Sean found my little stash of mad money and wanted to count it--why not?!  Sounds good to me, nothing like a little math to keep your mind in shape.  Once he calculated it we decided to go check the flyers to see what we could possibly spend our new found money on.  Sean enjoyed the activity and thinking about how much money we would need/use to purchase different items.  I love those unplanned moments.

While summer begins to fade our thoughts turn to the delights of apple picking, roast beef dinners, cups of hot chocolate, raking leaves into gigantic piles to jump in and so much more.

 We spent quite a few days out at Kings Castle.  The children love walking the paths and checking out the characters along the way.  Love their expressions!

 Another favourite spot is the bird sanctuary.  There is always something new to see.

And who doesn't love a good bonfire on the beach.

 Setting sun on the water.

We went to see the Celtic Ladies and Men. The kids were super thrilled to get on stage and try out their dance moves.