Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to Our Homeschool Routine

 This past week marked our first week back into bookwork.  We kicked the year off with a special breakfast of french toast and bacon and for snack the kiddos got to decorate homemade letter cookies that spelled their names.  They thought that was really great!  The previous week they had picked out their own special school supply which they got to unwrap Monday morning.  Sean picked a calculator, Emma-Lyn picked some sparkly pencils and Nate opted for a NASCAR book.  The calculator has been a hit with all the kids--something about objects with buttons!  At lunch time we headed down to the waterfront for a nice little picnic.  We spent our afternoon in town for a doctor's appointment and running some errands.

As for how our school day looks, I'll give you a wee little glimpse into what the "typical" day at the Peric household looks like:

7:00-7:30-- We're all getting up and getting dressed and making our beds.  This month Emma-Lyn  takes down the laundry to the washing machine, Sean sets the breakfast table and afterwards Nate clears it.

8:00- 8:30 -- Breakfast time, followed by Daddy's departure to work which often means the kiddos are up and out of their seats to go out and wave good-bye.

8:30- 9:00--  Time to do the dishes.  The kids take turns washing, rinsing and drying/putting away while I supervise.

9:00- 9:30 --  Free time and time for me to putter getting odd jobs done as well as check facebook.

9:30- 10:00  --  I start school with Emma-Lyn.  We work on phonics, read aloud and math.  During this time Sean is working on his own.  He has a chapter to read in the Bible, his spelling list to copy, countries to find on his map and a French cd-rom to work with.

10:00- 10:15 -- Snack time.  During snack I read our chapter for history and the kiddos answer questions orally about the selection.

10:15- 11:00  We might work on the rest of our combined studies, such as Bible and Science.  The children are loving the science curriculum--there is lots of experiments for them to try out.

11:00- 12:30 -   Sean and I work on his reading aloud, language and math.

12:30 - 1:30 - Clean up our school stuff and have lunch.

1:30- 2:30 -- Quiet time.  Oh how I love quiet time!  Each child goes to a room by himself or herself and spends the hour playing or reading quietly.  I flop on my bed.

2:30 - Snack time again.  For the rest of the afternoon we might do a special project together like making apple butter, baking bread or putting together a wreath.  The children have more free time and I finish the odd jobs I have going around the house.

5:300- 6:00 --Time to make supper.  I try to have a meal plan made up for the week so I don't end up scrambling to figure out what we're going to eat each night.

6:30 -- Supper time.  Daddy is home and our day is winding down.  After supper this month Sean is wiping the table, Emma-Lyn is sweeping and Nate pushes in the chairs.

7:00-7:30 -- Getting ready for bed. Pray time, Bible reading and a story.

7:30-8:00 -- Play time--which could be playing LEGO together, or a game or watching a little tv together.

8:00-  In bed.  A song and hugs and kisses good night.

That, in a nutshell is kinda how our days go.  The times are there but not always followed strictly--at all.  It's more of a this happens and then this happens after that--maybe at the specified time and then maybe not.

On Thursdays we have swimming lessons, Nate is in the preschool class, Emma-Lyn is level 1 and Sean is in level 5.  They are all very happy to be doing swimming again.  At the end of the month Sean will be back into his piano lessons.

 My happy trio on their first day of homeschool.

 Special morning breakfast--looks like Nate was eager!

Decorating their cookies.