Monday, October 07, 2013

The Ups and Downs of Homeschooling

Ahhh, homeschooling so many hills and valleys to traverse.  Hills of accomplishment, victory, understanding and confidence.  Valleys of frustrations, failures and the ever hurtful self doubt.  And while the valleys sometimes seem insurmountable and more than one can handle, there is help.  I am so thankful for the wonderful support groups across this little Island.  We hit a bit of a valley, Emma-Lyn and I, the curriculum that I had picked for phonics was just a no go.  We were just about at the point where neither of us wanted to even consider doing school.  I was at my wits end and turned to other seasoned homeschoolers for ideas and suggestions, anything to help us out of our rut.  And I was so relieved to hear the words of encouragement as well as practical resources that were offered.  Emma-Lyn and I are now back on track and loving our time together.  

 That being said, sometimes things can come up that just make homeschooling unfeasible and families need to make the transition to either private or public schooling and that happens.  And it's okay.  In my opinion, public and private school families homeschool--just to a lesser extent.  I spend my whole day in this lifestyle, while  "regular" school families use the time after school. Any time that we take to personally educate, or spend quality time developing character in our children is time well spent!

This week we're having a week of Fun Fall activities.  Today we had pajama day and had tea and poetry time.  The kids had a blast and enjoyed a small cup of After Eight tea!  They loved being able to use Gramma Hope's wee little tea spoons to stir their tea.   

Sean even read us a poem.