Friday, November 29, 2013

Welcome Little Levi!

 Finally after a week and a day of being overdue our little lad finally made his grand appearance on Friday, November 15th at 3:55 pm.  He was a good sized boy weighing in at 9 pounds 13 ounces and stretching out to 21 inches in length.  We are so happy to finally be able to hold our little fella and the kiddos are equally thrilled with their new little brother.

Levi's Birth Story:

I had been experiencing some mild contractions the week before Levi was born but they were far and few between.  Through the day on Thursday I had more contractions but again nothing too noteworthy although we did put in a call to Marko's mom just to let her know that there might be a possibility that we could be going to the hospital a little early. I had an appointment with my doctor at the hospital at 8 o'clock Friday morning.  It was an early start but I was happy to be on our way with the distinct possibility of meeting my little baby very soon.  In our rush to get out the door we forgot to bring my overnight bag so it was a quick turn back to pick it up and off we went again.  It reminded me of when Sean was born and we had left our apartment door wide open--baby brain!

Once we were at the hospital the doctor checked me and since I was at 3 cms dilated, he decided to break my water.  To help get things going we went walking for half an hour.  I walked quickly hoping that this would help and the baby would soon be on his way, once our 30 mins were up we headed back to Labour and Delivery to see what progress I had made, disappointingly not much had happened so we were sent back out to wander the halls.  We met a few friends along the way and they wished us well, also met some other folks waiting for appointments who were curious and they hoped the baby would be here soon as well.  After walking and taking stairs two at a time for an hour and a half and experiencing only a handful of contractions, we had to admit defeat as no progress was made.

It was about 11 o'clock and at this point we began the oxytocin which also meant having to stay in bed.  As far as pain management went I only wanted to use gas as I like having the use of my legs.  As the oxytocin worked its magic, the contractions got stronger but not much closer together.  After a couple of hours the nurses checked me and much to my disappointment, still no progress.  The nurses were amazing and did their best to help me stay positive but as we passed the 2 o'clock mark and still no change I was starting to come undone.  The overwhelming feeling that I might be there for many more hours labouring with no progress was almost too much to bear.  I asked if it was too soon to have the gas and it was--another blow to my confidence.  On the verge of tears, I realized that crying wouldn't help and just had to hang in there and breathe and relax as much as possible. Then the horrible feeling of nausea swept over me--I hate throwing up! I told the nurse I felt like I had to throw up and she passed Marko a container (lucky fella) and not a moment too soon.  I threw up a couple of times and would you believe that finally I was ready to go!  They quickly called the doctor and with three good pushes out came our little Levi--all 9 pounds and 13 ounces of sweet baby boy!  Marko cut the cord and they got him all cleaned up and brought him to me!  So happy and blessed to be a momma all over again!

Last belly shot that morning.

And here we are together for the first time.

A very proud big sister!

Mr. Levi.

Such a Lovey.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

My Birthday Boys and Other Stories

November 7th marked the birthdays of two very special fellas - my wonderful hubby and my youngest son.  It also marked the due date of baby #4, but it would seem that baby the fourth likes where he is and is content to stay there until he can have a birthday to himself.  We just had a little get together to celebrate Nate's birthday.  Our friends Shawn and Denise and their boys came for presents and cupcakes.  While the kiddos enjoyed a movie, the parents got to play Citadels together!  Birthday parties are always fun when the parents get to play games too!  We also had a little birthday party with Marko's family on Thursday night. Any reason to have more cupcakes is good to me!

 In other news, we have just finished up our swimming lessons for this year.  All three kiddos did well and passed their level.  In fact, Emma-Lyn jumped up two levels.  The girl is a fish and just LOVES swimming and was super ecstatic to be going into level 3.  Sean is going into level 6 and Nate is enjoying the preschool program.  It was a great time for the kids and moms alike to get out and enjoy an afternoon out together.

Today was day two of being overdue. I really can't complain, the worst partof this pregnancy  has probably been the heartburn and a couple of Tums fixes that right up in no time.  The kids are getting pretty anxious to meet their new baby brother and I'm so looking forward to holding this little baby in my arms.  At my last doctor's appointment we scheduled the next appointment for next Friday at the hospital, just to see if things are progressing and if not maybe giving things a little boost, so to speak.

 In the meantime I'm keeping busy with homeschool.  The children are really enjoying their studies and doing well working together and individually.  Nate participates in math, history and science.  He loves being included in the big kid stuff.  Once the baby is born we will take a little hiatus while we figure out life with a newborn all over again.

I have to say that we have been so blessed by friends with meals and baby showers!  While I'm able to get the school stuff done and the housework done, the tiredness does seem to creep up on me pretty quickly these days so to have a meal dropped off here and there has been a godsend!  The children for their part have even done what they could to help me out.  The other day, I was ridiculously tired and Sean decided to draw me a bath and while I was soaking in the tub, he and his siblings set up a tea party in the living room. When I came down there were blankets spread out, cups and saucers, juice and milk in a pretty little creamer and candles.  And to eat, Sean had made ants on a log--celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins. It was delightful. 

 Mr. Nate checking out his gifts.

 Looking at Mommy to see if it was time to blow out the candles--Nate and Emma-Lyn on the other hand look like they are discussing world issues.

 And this is the best toy ever made besides Lego.  This was the gift from our firends the Bowmans.  It's a fun kid friendly construction kit.  They get to saw "wood" and hammer nails to build projects that they dream up or they can follow directions.

 They all had a blast!
 Don't tell the kids but they are all getting a set for Christmas! :)

My two birthday boys!