Monday, February 24, 2014

I Love a Good Book

 There is just something so wonderful about a well written and enjoyable book.  I just finished The Know - It- All: One Man's  Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World  by A.J. Jacobs.  If you're looking for something fun and informative this is the book to grab.  The author sets out to accomplish the task of reading the entire Encyclopaedia Britannica in a year.  I love how he wrote about the interesting tidbits he learned and interspersed that with reflections from his own life.  The only downside of a really good book is that even it will come to an end.  Usually when I get a great book I find it very hard to put down and find myself reading up well into the wee hours of the morning.  This time I started the book during the day and was often interrupted by children or the need to make meals and such.  While I really didn't want to put the book down it did make it seem like the book was lasting longer.  I was sad to come to the last page and close the book, so many laughs, so many insights...sigh.

Now I had my own quest -- to find another great book to read.  I scoured the library book shelves, but nothing seemed suitable and I came home feeling somewhat dejected and really needing a good book fix.  And here is where my handsome hubby came to my rescue and asked if I had ever read J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit?  I had read it, but that was many, many years ago.  Way back in grade 6, I think it was. I remember having to design my own poster and I can still picture it in my mind - a big red cartoony type dragon  lying on top of a big pile of gold.  I also remember really enjoying the story although the details had become more than a little hazy.  And while I enjoy traversing the uncharted paths of a new book, there is something comforting and soothing about picking up an old book somewhat forgotten perhaps, but familiar and inviting just the same.

The kiddos love books just as much as I do which is a great trait to hand down to them.  We have four bookshelves (well, five if you count the one in Marko's office) in the living room.  And this past week it was time to reorganize the books. Some books needed to find a new home and others just needed to find the right shelf.  I tag our books; science/fact books get a green sticker, good literature books get a blue sticker, Bible books get a red sticker and the just fun books get an orange sticker.  I find this system, as simple as it is, works really well for the kiddos and me.  We can find the book(s) quickly when we need them and when we're finished we can easily get them back where they belong.  The only problem with organizing the bookshelves is that you find so many books that have been forgotten and can't help but look at a few as you go along.  Which in and of itself is not a bad thing, but when you've used up most of the afternoon doing this and have forgotten about making supper, it can become a bit of a problem.

 So many books. I'm happy to report that the books are back up on shelves in their proper places.
And I just had to include this photo that my good friend Denise did up for us.  I just love it!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentines and Other Stories

Last week we enjoyed a fun homeschoolers Valentine get together.  The kids had a great time making Valentine bags, decorating scotch cookies, exchanging valentines and colouring pictures. We all enjoyed Famous Peppers pizza.  I LOVE their maple chicken pizza -- so yummy!  I think the children especially loved loading up their scotch cookies with enormous amounts of candy and sprinkles.  Sean decided the following day to take all his valentines and glue them in a scrapbook. I love when they come up with their own little projects.

Valentine's day itself was fun and mildly eventful.  It was a Friday and so it was cleaning day here and we all got right on task and we were making progress.  That is, until I thought I could do a bunch of things all at once.  I started the lunch dishes -- got the tap running and then grabbed some laundry and thew it in the washer, ran upstairs to do something else and came back to the kitchen just in time to watch the waterfall.  It was ever so soap-sudsy.  Thankfully Emma-Lyn was handy and grabbed some towels as I shut off the tap and unplugged the sink to let some water go down the pipe rather than down the kitchen cupboards. And while I could console myself with the thought that at least the floors were getting a good cleaning, it was a little frustrating as I had just finished mopping the kitchen floor.

In the afternoon we made our own heart-shaped scotch cookies and I drizzled a small amount of chocolate over them rather than cramming them full of coma-inducing sugary goodness.  For supper we dressed the table up to look like the children were at a restaurant and they chose their favourite meal.  Sean had Creamy Mushroom Chicken Soup and Nate and Emma-Lyn opted for some good old fashioned Mac n' Cheese.  Marko and I headed out to Red's for our own Valentine treat.  Just for future reference: Chicken Taquitos are yummy-- I could eat a whole plate of those for supper!

This weekend was also a long weekend with Monday being Islander Day.  We had been invited to our friends' place to stay for a sleep over.  We were all very much looking forward to this.  The kids were super excited to play together and the adults were  looking forward to playing some games without worrying about having to get home at a good hour.  We were almost thwarted by a winter storm but we made it to their doorstep before it weather got too nasty.  We did encounter some less-than- great winter driving but we made it and enjoyed a great weekend with friends.  We ate so much good food and also got to try out some tasty seaweed, miracle berries, umami and flowering tea balls. It was a great weekend.

 Our neatly arranged Valentine bags.

 He was pretty proud of his cookies!

 So much sugar!! LOL

 The cutest little dimpled cheek ever!

My sweet cutie pies.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Catapults, Cows and Cuteness

Never a dull moment when kids are involved!  Recently we stopped by the Nearly New Shop here in Montague which is a lovely little second hand place with great prices.  Sean picked up a set of Uberstix. If you're not familiar with Uberstix they are a cool construction toy, with their own pieces but can also integrate with recyclable materials as well as other construction toys. He was thrilled to be able to put together a working catapult that could fling Lego guy heads across the living room.

 The boy and his catapult.

Sean is a lad of many talents.  When he isn't busy flinging heads across the room he may be found making a cow costume for himself.Why a cow costume? He was inspired by listening to his daddy's cowbell mix on the stereo.  As seen here:
 He's got the fever -- and the only prescription is -- more cowbell!

The Olympics have been a great learning experience for the kiddos.  They love learning about the different events and the different countries that the athletes come from.  They've even made their own Canada flags to cheer on our team.  Emma-Lyn was so inspired by the snowboarders that she decided to give it a whirl on the stairs -- with a plastic toy bin as her board.  It didn't go quite as planned, thankfully she didn't fall far.

In other news this little cutey pants will soon be 3 months old!
He is sooo loved by his siblings.  Nate is always over to see him and give him kisses.  Emma-Lyn is a little mother hen and Sean loves to entertain him and they all insist on giving him goodnight hugs and kisses.  He has discovered that he likes to suck his two middle fingers the best and if those don't work sometimes the thumb is acceptable as well. He's also getting quite good at rolling over from back to front but usually only when he's upset. I marvel and am thankful that the little lad already sleeps through the night.  He nurses around 11:30 and is up at around 7:30 in the morning.  He is such a little blessing!