Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Things We've Been Up To Lately

1) Snowmobiling.  My sister-in -law bought a  second hand snowmobile not that long ago and invited us over to her place to check it out.  The kids were super excited.  Her cousin Mark also came over with his snowmobile and pulled sleds full of very happy kiddos around the back field.  Then I got a turn to go for a spin.  Man, can those things ever fly!!  Linda even let me drive it--that was crazy scary and fun all at the same time!  I think I'm much more suited to being a passenger.

2) Tobogganing and snowshoeing with the homeschool group.  This event was held at the farm of one of our homeschool families.  We had a great time.  Levi and I hung out in the farmhouse staying warm by the fire while the kiddos had a blast going coasting down the hill and trying out the snowshoes. I'd post pictures but I managed to forget to put the memory card in the camera...sigh

3) Hanging out with friends. I went to Tims with a friend and while we were chatting we were interrupted by an older lady who wanted a closer look at little Levi. As she cooed and tried to cajole Levi into smiling at her she asks me if he is my first and I tell her that he is my fourth to which she exclaims, "Are you crazy?!"  My answer: "Well, it helps."

4) Parenting win. I have discovered that the best thing after a dentist appointment is going to the Superstore and indulging in some free cake. 

5) A very good friend of mine published her first ebook.  It is fantastic and I'm glad I bought a copy. Jo is a wonderfully warm hearted woman who shares her struggles and accomplishments as a mom.   She encourages and reminds us how to enjoy our everyday moments.  Life does not have to be a completely disorganized mess or an agonizing life of chasing after little ones.  Life is made up of moments worth living and enjoying to the fullest.  Jo shares her experiences and gives practical help along with some super tempting recipes.  Check her book out by clicking here.  And she also blogs here.

6) We all got the flu.  Just thankful that Marko and I weren't sick at the same time--that would have been a nightmare.

7) Sean and Emma-Lyn took part in a fundraiser for childhood cancer awareness.  The event is called Colours for Cancer Awareness.  Children were invited to take part in painting their own masterpiece that was then photographed and put on the event's facebook page and everyone is invited to bid on the pictures.  This Friday evening they will continue the silent auction as well as have entertainment.  The proceeds go to fund Childhood Cancer Programs at the QEH here in PEI and at the IWK (children's hospital) in Halifax.

And here are some pictures of Mr. Levi. Hard to believe he'll be 4 months old on Saturday!


Mary E said...

Aah, you have 'Baby Boo!' as well! We love that one! Still a hit, even for a 3-year old.

Nelleke from P.E.I. said...

Oh boy, I love #3! You do very well thinking on your feet. :)