Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer is Coming

 I just know that summer is coming and that some day, hopefully soon, the weather will reflect that fact!  The trees are just beginning to blossom and it's nearly June!  I can't believe just how cold this spring has been.  I want to get outside and go for bike rides and work in my garden and put together our fire pit and actually enjoy a good bonfire or two!

This week is our last "official" week of homeschool.  Although there will be some subjects that we will be doing through the summer there will be fewer work sheets and much more hands-on learning.  Our science text is full of experiments so the kids are thrilled to keep that going as well as doing read alouds and enjoying more tea time and poety days.  We may have to take some time to work on new hobbies like knitting and felting.  I am only an amateur knitter myself but I can at least get the kiddos started and we enjoyed an afternoon of both finger knitting as well as learning to knit a dishcloth with knitting needles.  The kiddos learned to do felting at the local library and they're hooked.  They enjoy taking out their materials and getting creative.  We also recently purchased a trampoline and kids just love bouncing away on that thing!  They certainly will not want for things to do.

This month we made our first trek of the season to the mainland to visit my folks.  It was a wonderful visit.  The kids love going over and enjoy romping about the woods and down by the pond.  This visit was extra special as they got the chance to go fishing in the pond.  Unfortunately they were unable to catch any, although Sean did hook one but it got away.  Auntie Karina was able to catch two fish before we decided it was time to head in to the house and warm up.


 Learning to felt
 Someone fell asleep mid chew

 Loving the trampoline

 Digging for worms at Gramma and Grampa's

 Auntie Karina the expert fisherman

Grampa with Nate, who is hugging his container full of worms.  He was mighty proud of his worms.

Trying out our homemade fishing pole