Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sir Walks A Lot

And there my baby goes, making his way right into toddlerhood!  How did this even happen?  He can't be that old already can he?  I can't believe that next month this sweet smiling lad will be one!  It doesn't feel like it's been that long.   He has grown so much and his siblings are so super proud of him and love showing him off to everyone and anyone.  And soon he'll running around with them trying to keep up.  Today his walking improved even more, he was pulling himself up on anything he could find then venturing forth until gravity and imbalance got the better of him and plop, down he went.

Today we enjoyed a fun homeschool outing down at the sea shore in Point Prim.  Levi stayed home with Grammie while the rest of us trekked out to the shore with our homeschool group in search of seaweed.  Once we had gathered a healthy amount we met at a local rec centre to learn more about the benefits of seaweed in our everyday life.  The children also enjoyed setting up some samples of our findings on paper to preserve them.  I'm so excited about this readily available resource and can't wait to go out to harvest some and incorporate it into my cooking...shhh don't tell my family!

 The view at Point Prim.

Some of our samples.

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Nelleke from P.E.I. said...

That's a talented baby! :) Lovely pictures, and I love your blog's new look, too.