Thursday, November 20, 2014

It's Been a Busy Birthday Month

 Nate turned the big five this year which meant a big party for him with all the trimmings.  In case you're wondering we do big parties for year 5,10 and 15.  For all the others there's still cake and gifts and friends but much less fanfare. 

So this year for Nate it was a racing car themed birthday party.  We had checkered flags and black and white streamers as well as racing cars and trophies decorating the kitchen and living room.  The living room was also decked out with a car mat and a couple of racing tracks and plenty of dinkies to play with. 

Upon arriving each guest got to have their picture taken with the birthday boy in our tricked out birthday photo booth.  I did a similar activity for Emma-Lyn's birthday but found it difficult to do the pictures and co-ordinate the rest of the party so this year my lovely friend Denise stepped in and took the photos for me.  The kids were so cute and Nate was thrilled and had to have his hand up in each shot so you would know that he was five!

Once all our guests arrived we gathered in the kitchen to make our very own Rocket Racers.  I wish I had thought to take a picture but we were all so busy putting them together I completely forgot.  The basic gist of it is a rectangular piece of foam for your base, straws and skewers for your axles, and foam circles for wheels.  Add a balloon and straw to your base and some sparkly stickers and you've got yourself a Rocket Racer.  Blow up the balloon and then let 'er rip, makes for hours of entertainment or at least until the wheels fall off!

After all that fun we let them play for awhile with the cars before popping popcorn and pouring drinks and getting them set in the living room to watch Cars.  They took a break for hot dogs and birthday cupcakes and then enjoyed the rest of the show until their parents came to pick them up.  On their way out our guests got their photo, their rocket racer and a bag of jelly beans in their loot bag.  You may be wondering about when we opened gifts.  This year we opted out of gifts and went the way of a book exchange instead.  A good friend of mine did this with her kid's birthdays and I think it's a great idea and Nate did too.  It's pretty neat since everyone brings a book from home and then goes home with a "new" to them book.

The following Saturday was Levi's first birthday.  How can he be that old already?!!  I just can't believe how quickly this year has flown by.  He is just such a sweet cheery lad that all his siblings dote on.  On Friday Grammie Peric slipped in to give Levi his gift and stay for supper before heading home on a very snowy evening!  Levi enjoyed his gift and was totally mesmerized by the candle on his cake.  My folks were going to come on Saturday but with the wild winter weather they decided to hold off until Sunday.  It was a whirlwind visit but fun was had by all.

 It was also Marko's birthday in the midst of all this but since he shares the day with Nate he was a little overshadowed by all the hoopla of turning five.  But next year Marko marks a milestone so perhaps there shall be more hoopla for him that year! 

 Nate and the blueberry pie that Auntie Linda made for him and Marko.

Happy Birthday photo booth.  This is Nate with his friend Sammy.  Sammy's mom is the photographer.

 And this is Ben, Sammy's brother.

 Levi checking out the cool gift Grammie Peric got him.

 Loving the candle on his cake...

 but not as much as the cake itself! YUM!


Kara Poole said...

Uh....I don't remember seeing how old Nate was in the picture with him and Petra....he must have been preoccupied ;) haha!

Your November is like our May....busy but fun times!

I also meant to ask if the kids get REAL cars on their 15th :)

Rachel Bueckert said...

Love birthdays! A book exchange, what a great idea! James is so thrilled, he got his first library card, picked out his own books, and checked them out himself this last week. :) Well, happy birthday Nate and Levi!

Nelleke Plouffe said...

What a great idea to celebrate the 5's in a big way. I have to admit I haven't done any big parties yet, and sometimes I feel like I might be short-changing my kids just because I'm not a party person myself. (I do like making cake, though. :) Love the book exchange idea, too!