Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 17

Today we had Emma-Lyn's birthday party.  During the party Sean and Nate went out with daddy since  Emma-Lyn wanted an all girl party this year. She had a few friends come over and we had a bit of a Frozen theme.  When her guests first arrived they worked together to put together a puzzle of Sven, Kristoff , Olaf and Anna.  Then we were off to the living room to play some Freeze dance, so fun to watch the girls pose and jump around.  We headed back to the kitchen to play pin the nose on Olaf and have cupcakes.  The kids picked out their books from our book exchange table and then settled in to watch Frozen for the zillionth time! When the boys came back they wanted a chance to play the pin the nose on Olaf and then had to have mommy give it a go.  They were giggling as I blindfolded myself and then they spun me then....Voila!

And in case you're wondering mine is the one on the left hand corner of the page...I am so good at this game!

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