Sunday, January 18, 2015

Day 18

This is a really awkward and poorly lit shot but I had to take it.  I knew I wanted a picture of Levi's sooky book.  I meant to take it earlier today but I forgot. This was taken while I was feeding him his bottle at bedtime.  Levi just loves this book, it has little tags on it that he enjoys rubbing and he just loves to mash his face into the soft fuzzy pages.  I love that when it's nap time or bed time and I ask him where his sooky book is, he'll go look for it and happily come back squeezing it tight against his chubby little body.  I admit that there have been some evenings and naptimes where we all went on a massive search to find his beloved book since otherwise the little man might not be as willing to fall asleep for any great amount of time.

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