Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 21

Sweet baby feet!

The day started off slow but the kids picked up the pace and got their work done before 11 o'clock which meant there was lots of time for read alouds.  The kids and I do enjoy reading and especially our current series which is the Grandma's Attic series.  The kids and I could just read chapter after chapter all day.  In the afternoon I did laundry and the kids played Lego and then I felt like playing some hymns on the piano.  The kids stopped playing Lego to come listen and ask for their favourites which was really nice.  I'm not a very good piano player. I can  only play the melody which was enough for the kids and I to enjoy and sing along.

And this evening we managed to squeeze in some science when we looked out at the evening sky and spotted Venus shining brightly along side the crescent  moon.  The kids were thrilled and we pulled out our books about planets and did some more reading.  And after supper the kids decided to watch some Magic School Bus before heading up to bed.   It was a nice quiet day at home.  I like those kinds of days.

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