Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 26

Looks like a big ol' blizzard is making it's way to our part of the world tomorrow.  Once our school stuff was done and we enjoyed our read aloud time, we got busy making preparations.  We made biscuits, bread and chocolate chip cookies.  Everyone had a bath and clean sheets are on the beds.  I made a chicken dinner tonight so that we'd have chicken available for sandwiches if our power happens to go out.  The kids watched a movie tonight since tomorrow we'll be making our solar system mobiles and trying to make a hurricane in a bottle.  Lots of fun stuff to do while the storm rages on.

Today the kids also took some time to build things and wanted their picture taken.  Here they are with each of their creations.

Oooh cutest moment of the day goes to the moment when daddy came home and Levi came smiling over and attempted his first big ol' kiss...So sweet!!

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Nichole MacLean said...

Sloppy baby kisses are the best!