Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Day 27

 It was the blizzard of '15 and we were stormed stayed.  It wasn't all that bad but definitely worth staying home all warm and cozy while the wind whipped the snow against the house.  Thankfully Marko didn't have to go into work and was able to get work stuff done from his little office.

 The kids wanted to stay in their pajamas all day and that is just what they did.  Gotta take some time to read some Calvin and Hobbes before getting on with the day's activities.

 They LOVED making a cyclone in a bottle.  I used this shot because of Emma-Lyn's expression!

 It was even more fun when we added beads to the mixture.

Even daddy had to get in on that action!

After lunch the kids and I worked on our solar system mobiles.  First we read a short story about about space and then everyone got to work making their own mobile.

Since the beads were out the kids made some little creations as well.

Once the snow finally eased up we went out and shoveled the driveway and the kids had fun with their sled.  Then it was time to come in for some hot chocolate and a movie.  The children really enjoyed watching Ratatouille.  Now all the little ones are in bed, the house is quiet and there is gentle pitter pat as the freezing rain hits the window pane.  I wonder what wonders tomorrow will hold.

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