Saturday, January 03, 2015

Day 3

 Our words matter.  Whether spoken or written down our words matter.  My family and I love to joke and to tease and when better to do that than on your birthday.  I remember receiving a card from my folks with the sentiment that read "We like your face so much that we had a jelly mold made of it and serve it to guests!"  Even just thinking about that card makes me laugh.

And then this summer they gave me this card and I read it looking for the punchline. I giggled after reading it thinking that there must be something up. But there was no punchline just honest encouraging, loving words.   While I enjoyed the jelly mold card, I didn't keep it.  This one, I'm keeping. I knew that my parents loved me and that they were proud of me but there's just something special about seeing it written down and given to you.  I love my parents and love how they love me.

I hope that I too, will be able to share humour with my children but also express how deeply I feel about each one of them.  They are each unique and I couldn't imagine my life without them.


Jacqueline Handrahan said...

Beautiful Laura!!!♡♡

Mom D said...

That card suits you to a "T"!!! Your parents aren't the only ones who love you for the same reasons.