Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!

This year we celebrated New Year's Eve with our wonderful friends the Bowmans.  They have a lovely in-law suite so we even got to sleep over!  The kids were so excited that the moment they got up they got packed and needed to know our ETD and were just a little miffed to find out they had most of the day to get through first.  We ran some errands and got things straightened out before heading out for the evening.  The kids were ever so thrilled and bounced off the walls and just had themselves a mighty fine time. The adults were also pretty excited and looking forward to a fun evening of games.  We had a yummy dinner of chili and then sent the kids up to watch a movie while we played Carcassonne. Then it was bed time for the littles and we played Settlers Seafarers expansion.  And in the middle of the game we took a quick moment to shout Happy New Year!! Such a fun way to ring in the new year.

Today, after a lovely breakfast of french toast, we headed home for a little down time before heading to Grammie Peric's for supper.  It was another lovely evening filled with great company, delicious food and fun games!  The kids are pooped!  And I think I may need an earlier bed time tonight as well!

And with the beginning of a new year I'm looking forward to beginning a new project.  It's called the 365 project and my plan is to post one picture a day here on this blog.  There may not be a post to go with it but there will be an image of some sort.  I see this as a great way to get back to posting more often and enjoying my photography.

So without further ado I give you Day One's contribution:

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Kara Poole said...

He is so cute and handsome. I just realized that I should clarify that I am talking about Nate :) Happy New Year to you! This is quite a project you are undertaking. Good luck - I look forward to seeing the photo(s) every day :)