Friday, February 06, 2015

Day 37

 Why is it, that when there is perfectly decent bin of toys that a child insists on pulling every last tissue out of the box?!  And after he's done terrorizing the tissues, he wanders to the bookshelves and pulls ALL the books off the shelf...why?!  There are toys just for him sitting in the corner but the child just leaves them be as he seeks out all the things that he shouldn't play with.  WHY?!!


Nichole MacLean said...

At least he looks cute while doing it ;) Nathan is the same. Kids are just weird!

Jacqueline Handrahan said...

Well...I don't know!!!!Mine does the same. She is OBSSESSED with eating dog food. Pulling all the Davids tea out and insisting ww both smell each package. Every book she sees must be thrown. On the floor, every diaper as well. This is a first for my husband. He's like sheeesh she a little hurricane!!