Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 41

 Lots of lamby lovin' today.  Our homeschool group went for a tour of our friend's farm this morning.  It was pretty cold out but the kids enjoyed holding and petting the lambs before heading inside to warm up and eat lunch. We scarfed down most of our lunch before making a mad dash into town to drop off valentines to a seniors home, do some shopping and hopefully get back to Montague in time for curling. We were later at the home than I had expected so instead of rushing just to be late to curling, we took our time in town and stopped in to visit friends before heading home.  Now, the kids are snuggled in their beds and I can put my feet up and relax after our full day.

 This is my friend Maria enjoying some lamby love.

 Pretty happy camper!


Grammie Peric said...

They look like they are having so much fun. Thanks for posting the pics.

Maria said...

That little lamb was so sweet. Joseph said just before bed time that he wanted to take it home and didn't understand why we couldn't. :)