Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 44

The kids and I were up and at the housework in record time this morning.  I don't think we've ever gotten through our chores so quickly.  We had planned to start making scotch cookies but since Levi wasn't napping we decided to go to the Library and the new book store and the Nearly New before heading home for lunch.  By the time we got to the cookies Levi was napping and I was out of butter.  Instead, we decided to try out a fun language activity called word sculptures.  I got this idea from Brave Writer. Yesterday Nate and I went through some magazines cutting out different words or phrases that caught our eye.  I glued them to some bristol board and cut them out and today we went through the living room finding objects that we felt suited the words. I think the kids had the most fun sticking them to each other.                               

Sean has smart, excellence, forced to work, hearty family and appreciated stuck to him.
Nate has keeping it cool.
Emma-Lyn has Hope, beautiful, whimsical and fun, and sweet.
I got the passion of art, wish and crossing the line.
The teddy bear has kissable.
The vacuum has clean.
The stereo has feel the beat
My laptop has That's Silly
The peanut butter jar got stuck with it's what's inside that counts.
And when daddy came home Emma-Lyn excitedly slapped giant on him.
The kids had a lot of fun with this activity and look forward to pulling the words out again and finding new places to put their words.

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