Sunday, February 15, 2015

Day 46

 In case you didn't know, Atlantic Canada is being hammered by yet another winter storm.  Everything is closed and the RCMP have warned everyone to stay off the roads.  Thankfully we're all snug and warm at home.  This morning Sean was inspired to make his own home style church service.  He set up a tray with a slice of bread and a cup of water and invited us to join him in the living room.  Sean played the piano for our hymns and we enjoyed a lovely time of worship together just as a family.

 Afterwards we all had some time to do our own thing.  I had some cupboards and baskets that desperately needed some decluttering and organizing so I worked on that.  Levi went down for his nap and we pulled out our game of Carcassone. Daddy won the game!

We had bowls of delicious hearty chili for lunch which warmed us up for shoveling out the driveway afterwards.  The snow was slowing down and we're supposed to get rain and freezing rain and we wanted to clean things up before it got really messy.

I wasn't out there very long before the most beautiful sight met my eyes--
 A wonderfully powerful little Kubota came plowing up our driveway.  Marko was able to move our car and his mom's car so that the whole driveway could get cleared out.  We are very thankful to have such amazing neighbours who take the time to clear out our snow.

Instead of quiet time today we had quiet creative time.  The kids did some painting and I played with my pastels while daddy did some writing.  Now the kids and daddy are playing Wii sports before supper time. It has been a lovely storm day in P.E.I.


Grammie Peric said...

Sounds like a lovely day, thanks for sharing.

Grammie Peric said...

Sounds like a great day, thanks for sharing