Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Day 48

Finally a day of sun shine!!  School and many businesses were closed today as plows worked at moving our over 80 cms of snow off the roads.  The snowbanks are piled high and many roads are still impassable.  School is cancelled again tomorrow and guess what?!!  More snow is forecast for Thursday! 

While school may be cancelled for the province, the Peric Academy was open for learning and the kiddos got their work done and enjoyed a lovely play date this afternoon.  We also went for a wee jaunt around town to see how things were getting along.  Montague's main roads are clear but residential roads are still quite sloppy. It was nice to get out of the house for a bit and see civilization again. 

 Yesterday's game of Ticket to Ride. Daddy won and Emma-Lyn came in second, Sean and I tied for last place.

 Nothing like leaping off of snowbanks.

 Also, taking a nap on the snow can be great!

 And this is a plow that got stuck at the end of our road.  Another plow had to come rescue it.

 Marko and I play the Struggle for Catan.  I won!!

The snowbanks and at the right and on the left one of my favourite places to go in the summertime, Gillis'--sigh.

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