Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day 52

What a super fun day we had today!!  The kids and I went to town this morning for a special Victorian Tea play date.  We all got dressed up and headed over to our friends the Beukert's house for tea and company.  It was delightful!  The table was laden with lovely mini cupcakes, lemon loaf, small pb&j sandwiches, a meat and cheese tray and jello and we brought some cookies and truffles.  There was tea and punch to drink. It was a bit chaotic by times but ever so much fun!

After tea we stopped to take some photos and read up on Victorian etiquette.  The boys were quick to get on their snow stuff and head outside and run off some energy for awhile.  The girls all sat down at the table to do some crafting and make their own calling cards.  And at the end of our visit everyone was presented with a lovely little gift bag. My kids were over the moon!  They were so excited all week in anticipation of this day and they were not disappointed.  It was indeed a grand day!

 The Beukerts.

 Have to do the silly photo--and my, don't we look silly!

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