Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 53

As we were leaving for church this morning we noticed that we had a bit of a water leak happening in our entryway.  We didn't have time to stop and do much about it then but when we came back water was actively dripping from the ceiling.  We needed to get up on a ladder and get some of that snow off the roof.  Not only did we have a crap load of snow on the roof, it was sitting on a thick layer of ice. Marko and I took turns scraping with a rake and making little progress.  It was so discouraging.  We knew we needed to ask for help.  So off to Facebook I went to send out a plea for help.  We were thankful for folks who had advice and shared what they could via Facebook but it was beginning to look like we'd have to get this done on our own.  When lo and behold, this lovely couple gave us a call:
They are Doug and Tammy but we know them as the Ice Fighting Ninjas!  They came with tools and the most fantastic ladder that I've ever seen!  Marko and I couldn't be more thankful to have had them come and help us out. It was delightful to sit down and chat and sip Pepsi after all the hard work.

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