Monday, March 09, 2015

Day 68

It was an out and about day today.  We went in town to check out the 50% off sale at Value Village.  We found some pants, shoes, a dress a couple games and of course some books!!  We could hardly get the pants as the kids were so enthralled with the books.  And then on our way out we decided to pop in on friends of ours and enjoyed a delightful visit!  They had a ping pong table set up and we all had a great time playing with that.  I think the moms might have enjoyed it the most!!

The kids were pretty pooped by the time we came home but when the neighbour kids dropped over they quickly put their snow stuff on and played in the yard until supper time.  And the cutest moment today was hearing Levi say the word apple, but it sounds more like cute!!

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