Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 71

It was a good day today and it didn't even follow our regular routine...and everything turned out great.

I was doing a read aloud with Emma-Lyn and Nate after breakfast when Sean decided he wanted to bake brownies.  So, he did and it turned out great!  The other two were very happy to lick spoons after the batter was made.  We were able to easily transition to our school stuff and even played some language and math games.  We listened to songs about the solar system and songs in German.  Sean played French games on the computer before heading out to curling.  Emma-Lyn and I played Salon and I curled her hair.  She was ever so pleased!  We made homemade creamy chicken soup with biscuits for supper and it was scrumptious on yet another blustery evening.

It was a day that just flowed from one moment to the next...and everything turned out great!

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Mom D said...

Don't you just love days like this. It is so good to record this from time to time to remind yourself that you really do have good days ;) It's so easy to forget the good and remember the bad. ;)
Emma-Lyn looks adorable.