Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 84

Enjoyed a great day with my kiddos.  We've found a new reading game that Nate especially enjoys.  When I first found it I didn't think it would keep their interest but I was wrong.  The gist is  they get to pick a letter out of the bag and then search for it in a paragraph and whoever finds the most of their letter wins. Emma-Lyn, Nate and I played a few rounds and then read the entire fairy tale we had been using.

This afternoon we worked on our solar system model. The kids love taking out the paint and had a great time working on their planets.  I will admit that doing this kind of project with a curious toddler does make things interesting.  At one point Levi managed to snag a paintbrush laden with black paint and stuffed it in his mouth,  he looked like a little goth baby.

 My busy little boy.

 Hard at work.

Our finished project complete with stars.

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Mom D said...

That is so cool! Good for you and the kids! You always seem to have such neat ideas and I love how you so often do activities as a family, everyone is included. Good for you.