Sunday, March 29, 2015

Day 88

A nice quiet day.  We all made it to church this morning thanks to the lack of winter storms.  I had the immense pleasure of teaching the little one's Sunday School class.  What a hoot!  Three very sweet little girls and Nate. We read stories and coloured pictures and the kids were very good to inform me that their regular teacher would let them pick out their own candy when class was over.  My, how their eyes did light up when it was their turn to pick a candy.

In the afternoon Emma-Lyn and I went on our date and enjoyed some fries and a drink.  I love these little dates we go on with each of the children.  It's nice to take the time just to connect with them on their own level rather than it being homeschool related.. 

When we came home the sun was streaming through our living room picture window and gave me the idea to photograph shadows.  It was fun to play around a bit and get some more ideas for next time.

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