Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day 118

Another busy day!  We joined our homeschool group at the local Superstore to do a tour with a dietitian.  We learned that you can put a lobster to sleep by rubbing it between it's eyes as described here: How to put a lobster to sleep   What does that have to do with nutrition?  Beats me, but it's a great little tid bit of information.

Also, Special K, Cheerios, and Rice Krispies are about the worst choices for healthy cereal. You're basically just eating air, no real fiber or nutrients to speak of. However, Mini Wheats while sporting that lovely little coating of sugar are much better for you since they have the fiber and other nutrients.

 In the middle of the tour I had to take Nate and Emma-Lyn for their dentist appointments.  Both kiddos are cavity free and were praised for their good dental hygiene.  That being said it does look like some orthodontic work will be in their future.

After that we met up with our group at the church for lunch and then headed home for piano lessons.  The kids got new books and enjoyed their lessons and were thrilled when our friends popped in to drop off a bike for Emma-Lyn and a trike for Levi as well as a bike for our piano teacher's daughter. 

We had fresh bread and delicious bowl of creamy mushroom chicken soup for supper on this cold and snowy day.  Yes, we got more snow today--12 cms!!  And in case you're wondering we won the prestigious recognition of breaking the record of the most snow to fall in a winter in Charlottetown since they started recording it in the late 1800s. YAY?!!!

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