Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 101

 What an amazing day out there today.  The sun is shining and it's actually warm outside! The kids ran some errands this morning with Marko while I had some quiet time and finished my book.

This afternoon I took the kids to Colours for Cancer at the Montague Church of Christ.  This is the second year that the kids have participated and they had a great time! It was interesting to watch how their work transformed from one image to the next until their final product.  I think we made some people nervous with the amount of black the kids were using but they had a blast splatter painting fun bright colours on their black backdrop.  We're looking forward to the auction night next Friday.  100%  of the proceeds will be split between the QEH Pediatric Oncology & IWK's Hematology & Oncology Departments.

 Masterpieces in progress.

 A wise artist knows that he must be a part of his work!

 And the finished products:
 Emma-Lyn's is called "The Big Party"

 Nate's is called, "Black Crow."
And Sean went for, "The Mess"

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