Monday, April 06, 2015

Day 96

I was going to just jump right back into our routine today, but the house was a little topsy turvy after all the company and fun of the weekend so we spent our time organizing, cleaning and decluttering. The bookshelves were in dire need of organizing so the kids got to work on that while I got to contend with our mountain of laundry.  We ran a few errands and looked for molds for chocolate making but didn't succeed, however a dear friend is going to donate a couple of her molds to our cause.

This evening we were off to Red's for our first burger love with friends. The MacGregors and the Peric posse tried out the East Coast Criminal.  It was another large burger and ever so tasty.  I loved the deep fried pickle!  After supper we came back to our place and while the kids watched Big Hero 6, the adults had some yummy cake for dessert and played Ticket to Ride Europe and I actually won!!

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