Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Day 125

When I woke up this morning I had a pounding headache and the sky outside was gloomy.  It was not the best start to a day to say the least. I got up anyways and so did the kids with their usual burst of cheer as well as sibling rivalry! I was thinking that we might not get to go on our homeschool outing this morning since the weather was so dreary but as the morning progressed the clouds scuttled away and the sun shone brilliantly.

We were all thrilled to pile out of the car and meet with our friends at the MacPhail homestead.  A grand day was planned of playing games, learning a practical approach to bird identification and hiking through the gorgeous forestland of MacPhail Woods.  We had a great turnout of families and I think everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly.  The hike was a little over a kilometer and terrain was steep and snowy in places.  I got the added bonus of strapping on a 30 pound wiggly weight while I traversed the forest path.

After scarfing down a most needed lunch the kids played and ran around while the parents chatted and watched their children play.  Then we got to work making our own birds nests with whatever resources we could find.  My kids enjoyed using mud!  Levi got quite into his work!
Such a grand day!

Learning how to use their binoculars.

On our trek in the woods.

Love the shape of this tree!

Nate and Emma-Lyn's nests.

Mr. Mud

And of course there was time to go climb a tree.

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