Saturday, May 02, 2015

Day 122

Spring! Spring!  It felt like spring today!!  This morning we went to the garage and cleaned it out, cleaned it up, organized it and put it back together!  We took out bikes and scooters, the deck furniture and the barbeque. It was fantastic!  The kids had a ball riding their bikes again after the winter that would not die. I was so very happy to have the table and chairs up.  The kids and I even had lunch outside today and it was grand...a bit chilly but ever so worth it. Marko found a pallet for one of our pallet projects and I took the kids to the library.  We had homemade mac n' cheese for supper--a family favourite.  Before bedtime Emma-Lyn and I made mystic bars for snack for church tomorrow.  A grand day indeed!

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