Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 130

 Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there.  I felt very blessed to spend the day with my wonderful mom as well as the rest of my family.  We enjoyed such a wonderful day together! We looked through some of my grandparent's things and found a great shot of my grandfather.  I find Levi looks an awful lot like him. While the kids went fishing in the pond I went on a little nature hike in the field behind the pond. It was fun to hear them gallivanting around while I quietly enjoyed being in nature by myself. The boat ride home was delightful.  Gramma Hope sent us on the boat with our desserts which was ice cream cones with Smarties in them topped with iced cupcakes. Levi thought it was a hoot to be able to shake his cone and hear it rattle. The weather was warm so the kids and I went for a walk out on the deck and it was so peaceful.

 The picture from my grandfather's ID.

The rest of the pictures are from my nature hike and the boat ride home.

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