Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 134

What an AMAZING day! Not only was the sun out--it was warm!! And I am making good on my promise to go out and enjoy each and every wonderfully warm day. We did our school stuff, hung the laundry on the line and ate lunch on the deck.  It was delightful!  After quiet time we ran some errands and popped over to one of our favourite haunts--Knox's Falls and Dam. The kids just love this place. We brought some bubbles and had a lovely time chasing them about and tossing sticks and stones in the water.  Back at home, Sean set to work preparing a veggie tray while I got our hot chocolate ready for our poetry time.  We set out the picnic blanket and enjoyed the late afternoon sun as we listened to some new poems as well as some old favourites.  After supper I headed to my dance class and had such a fun time.  So thankful for a great instructor and lovely friends with which to share this exciting experience.
 The three amigos.  The water was overflowing so I kept Levi strapped into his stroller--much to his chagrin!

Blowing bubbles before poetry time.

The whole gang ready for some fun.

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