Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 135

At one point today the temperature was reading 24 degrees today!  It was heavenly!  We got our butts in gear this morning and got the house cleaned before piling in the car to meet friends at Kings Castle.  We made a little detour at Buffalo Land when we saw the herd grazing on the hill and stopped in to see them.  Baby buffaloes are super cute!  We had a wonderful time at Kings Castle.  The kids played and played and played.  And we even got our hoops out and hooped it up a bit.  My friend Simone is a phenomenal hooper! 

Once we were finally able to pull ourselves away from all the fun we headed home so Levi could have his much needed nap and I cleaned out the car. That car was an utter stinking much gravel and wrappers and mittens and hats and all sorts of odds and ends.  Feels great to have it cleaned up just in time for sand season!

Tonight Marko is out at games night with the boys and I'm going to pour myself a cup of tea and curl up with a book. Lovin' it!

 Mr. Super Sweetie!

 My climbing girl!
And Simone, hooper extraordinaire!

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