Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 140

It was a great get things done kinda day.  I got through the mountains of laundry and the kids got their stuff put away and I even  managed to sort Levi's clothes.  We got through our school stuff and Sean enjoyed trying out his volcano experiment. We got a loaf of bread made and had yummy sandwiches for lunch.  In the afternoon we worked together on the garden.  We spread out the newspaper and piled compost and soil on top. Then it was back inside for some much deserved chocolate milkshakes. Everyone practiced their piano pieces and played a game on the Wii.  It was left overs for supper which made things easy for me and once dinner chores were done, the kids played on the trampoline until it was time to come in.

 This might have been more impressive if we actually had red food colouring to put in it.

The nice thing is, we can redo most of the experiments again and again!

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