Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 145

What a DAY!!  It was actually hot outside! 

We began the day with some nature study.  We have a pair of blue jays building their nest in one of our pine trees.  We have a nice view from the deck.  Nate and I also managed to get the attention of a couple of yellow warblers to come down to the maple tree to check us out.   We worked on a creative project next.  The kids made their own dry erase boards.  It's something they can use outside and I think will do nicely especially over the summer months.  We do plan to take a break from most of our studies but some things will carry on through the summer.  We made their little boards out of bristol board and mactac.  They decorated the bristol board then covered them in mactac and clipped them to their clip boards. Today we used their newly minted boards to review our spelling lists.

After quiet time this afternoon it was time to finally pull out the hose and the sprinkler.  The kids were so thrilled.  They squealed and hollered and had themselves quite the time.  Then they made up obstacle races for each other.  They shall sleep well tonight

This evening we had supper on the deck and afterwards Levi got to play on the trampoline by himself.  He was mighty pleased.  Once Levi went down for the night we got our first bonfire of the season going.  And much to the delight of the children we pulled out the fixin's for S'mores.  A great way to finish a very summer like day.

 Splashing through.

Love Emma-Lyn's expression!

One very happy little guy!


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