Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 151

Kind of an off day here.  Levi was crabby, teary and quite clingy.  We made it to the first service this morning but by snack time the boy was just beside himself so he and I came home.  He continued to be fairly clingy and easily frustrated throughout the afternoon.  I'm thinking this may be a reaction to his shots last Tuesday and hopefully he'll be back to his happy little self soon.

It was also a fairly wet and dreary day which didn't improve moods much.  I did happen to find my husband's copy of The Count of Monte Cristo and I'm devouring each and every page.  I also took 20 minutes to do a sketch-an activity I might try doing on a more regular basis.  It was fun and satisfying.  The original photo is from a magazine called Our Canada, Our Country, Our Stories.  And the photographer is David Sturhahn.

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