Friday, June 05, 2015

Day 156

Well, that was one humdinger of a day.  It started out well, the kids and I got the house cleaned up  just in time for our playdate guests to arrive.  It was a wonderful playdate.  I had so much fun talking with my dear friend Maria while the children played with her boys.  They jumped on the trampoline, played on the swing set and watched a little bit of a movie.  Maria and I had a chance to catch up and drink coffee and just relax and enjoy adult company.

Just as her car pulled away Marko's car pulled in and that right there folks is when the wheels came off the wagon.  Usually we have a meal plan and things just get done...well not tonight.

Tonight Marko wanted to get the lawn at the church cut and I had a used curriculum sale I wanted to go to and there wasn't much gas in the car and we still didn't know what to do for supper. We scrambled to come up with some options but our stress just kept mounting as the minutes ticked away and we realized that something had to give.

As much as I dearly wanted to check out some really nice books, I knew it would be far better to just let it go and finish tidying things up here while Marko picked up some groceries for supper.

We barbequed some sausages and made a salad. Afterward Marko took Nate and Emma-Lyn with him to the church while Sean, Levi and I stayed home.  While it wasn't the evening I had planned for myself it did turn out quite well.  And now I'm looking forward to enjoying these treats this evening.  The cappuccino ice cream is delicious and ever so cute in that wee little container. 

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