Saturday, June 06, 2015

Day 157

There was lots of fun to be had this morning.  Sean and I jetted out the door before 9 o'clock to get to our local library's book sale.  Denise was already there waiting anxiously for things to begin. We were giddy with excitement as things got underway and Sean helped out by getting us our boxes to drop our new found treasures in. There was a good crowd of people enjoying the sale and it was fun to chat as we went along.  Sean and I brought home two boxes full of fun finds.  Can't wait to get reading.  And with this many books we will certainly be purging some of our old books.

Later on I took the kids to the Artisans on Main.  This is another favourite place to go in the summer time.  We enjoy checking out the pottery, jewellry, paintings and many other lovely hand crafted treasures.  While we were there Sean was invited to try his hand at rug braiding.  The artist showed how to carefully take each piece of material and braid in between the others.  After picking out all our favourite paintings we headed out the door and decided to pop into the Nearly New store.  Emma-Lyn was delighted to find a pair of sparkly pink shoes.  As we headed out the door Sean spied the new sign for Amiel's Island Fire.  It's a great store with every kind of hot sauce you'd ever want.  As well there were items from different business for sale.  We tried some different sauces, I think my favourite was the honey hot sauce.

And now the kids are in bed, Marko is off to games night and I'm going to grab my iced tea, some salt and vinegar chips and my book. I am one happy camper!

 Honestly, if felt like Christmas when I opened the boxes to show everyone our new to us books.

And there were a few people who enjoyed the boxes our books came in as well.

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