Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 168

Well, that was an interesting day.  Started off on an awkward note when we called up Grampa Hope to wish him a happy birthday, only it's not his birthday--his birthday is JULY 17th.  However his brother Max happened to be celebrating his birthday today so we gave him a call and serenaded him with our melodious voices.  He was ever so thankful for our thoughtfulness and seemed quite chuffed by our little call.

Then to add to the excitement just as I was putting Levi down for his nap the kids start yelling that a police car was pulling into our yard.  By the time I got to the window he had pulled out and turned around which thankfully meant that no one was dead. And then the phone rings, I answer it and the other person promptly hangs up...That was fun. Just thankful it all happened in the day time.  Things like that seem so much creepier at night.

 Just before lunch Sean and I sat down to play this game:

It's called 'SMATH.  It's like scrabble but with math tiles.  Sean loved it!  I was humbled by it.  I've never been a math type person but was hopeful that I would do alright with it.  Sean beat me like a rented mule!  He scored 70 points in one turn.  We did have to end early for lunch and a playdate.  Our final score was 101 to I said very humbling.

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