Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 169

This post is about a special moment when were at my folks place and I thought it deserved it's own little spot.  My folks run their own cleaning business and get to meet some of the most fascinating people.  One of these people happens to be Major Donald Creighton.  Emma-Lyn and I got to meet him this past Sunday and he is a delight. He was so kind as to offer Emma-Lyn her pick of any of the dolls that his late wife had collected.  There was a beautiful assortment to choose from but these two gals were the ones that caught Emma-Lyn's eye.

They are very precious to her and she has been playing with them and taking very good care of them.
Major Creighton also gave us a little tour of his home which he built himself.  He has quite the collection of clocks and I am told it is quite the sight and sound to hear them all mark the hour.

 I would have to say the most interesting story he shared with us was about the deer head mounted to his entryway wall.  It seems that his wife had hit the deer and the officer that came to the scene was into taxidermy and stuffed it for them.  They named the deer Toyota.

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