Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 171

I was hoping to go to a ladies retreat this weekend but not only does Marko have a cold, he has a sermon to prepare and we have a dance recital to go to tomorrow and it's Father's Day!!  Something had to give and I had to let go of the retreat and enjoy a beautiful day with my fam jam instead. 

As I sipped my coffee in the living room this morning I noticed that the neighbours were having a yard sale so I called to the kids and off we went. Look at what treasures we found!
I am so pleased with those little white tea cups and saucers.  They will make a lovely addition to our poetry and tea times.  Emma-Lyn spied that vase and the boys have a fascination with light houses.  I think the wee little candles are adorable as well.

The kids presented daddy with his Father's day gifts in bed this morning which he seemed quite pleased about. Since tomorrow is so busy we're going to celebrate today. The kids and I went to the library after breakfast and filled our book bag with many interesting books and a couple of videos as well.

Marko has taken a break from writing and he and the kiddos are running a few errands, when they return the kids and I will visit a few other yard sales and peruse the book store.  And this afternoon perhaps we'll make a stop at the beach.

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