Sunday, June 21, 2015

Day 172

It has been a very busy day here.  It didn't help when we overslept and were running out the door to get to church. We had a quick lunch before heading into Charlottetown for my dance recital. It went okay.  We made some mistakes and faltered here and there, but we got through it. I am thankful for the experience and for such wonderful dance partners.

In other news, it's Father's Day!!  And I just want to write a little note to two pretty important fathers in my life.  First there's my dad:

I know he feels like he didn't do much and was away for most of my childhood because his work had him traveling quite a bit. But he did do so much!  I loved our family camping trips!  Getting ahead in life just wouldn't be the same without you!  And what about those fun little campfires in the back yard and stig pies? And I always enjoyed going to church together and afterwards grabbing a couple of cokes and chatting--just you and me. I love your laugh and I'm glad I'm like you.  You are important and you are loved!

 And then there's this special fella:
Another amazing man and father.  You are so thoughtful and caring, Marko.  You bless our children every day. I'm thankful the children have such a wonderful father that shares with them, comforts them and helps them up when they fall down.  I admire the patience that you have when they 'help' you with your jobs around the house. Happy Father's Day!

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