Friday, June 26, 2015

Day 177

 Another fun but full day.  We started up our chores then headed out the door to pick up some mod podge from the Buy-Rite.  Then we were back at our housekeeping chores until noon when we headed back out the door and down to the waterfront.  Every Friday from noon until 1pm there will be live performance painting at the waterfront.  And even better than that we enjoyed our time with more of our homeschooling friends.  Gotta love an outing that brings friends together as well.

I enjoyed a little playdate with my friend April while the kiddos watched some Magic School Bus. Afterwards Emma-Lyn and I worked on the trunk and it will soon be all set to go. I love that the kids made up their own math game to play together while puttering about the house. It was a gorgeous day which meant it was time to BBQ some steaks for supper! YUM!!  Marko mowed the lawn then we all headed over to the church to do our share of the cleaning.

Now with all the chores done and excursions taken, I think it's time to go find my book and just relax.

 And I almost won a painting...that would have been amazing!  Can't wait to go next Friday!

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