Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 180

It was a full day yesterday traveling and attending different services.  The morning church service lasted two hours which the kids managed quite well.  I was impressed.  Levi had a hard time with it though, so we were up and down and out and in just to help him through it.  And I have to say thanks to one of the most amazing friends I know!  Thank you Sarah Stevenson for being so gracious and understanding while we did what we could through the service.  It was great to see so many old friends and celebrate Alan Ressor's retirement from being the choirmaster at St. Peter's Anglican Cathedral in Charlottetown.  After scarfing down a few finger sandwiches from the reception, we were back in the car heading out to Clinton for a wedding.

On our way out we stopped at the Dollarama to purchase a gift bag and some tissue paper for the wedding gift.  Unfortunately I did not take a good look at how big the bag was for it was far too narrow for our wedding gift.  Thankfully there was the tissue paper and while Marko drove, I wrapped up our gift.  The wedding was beautiful and it was wonderful to see such a beautiful couple get married.  It was quite cold out and Levi was having a hard time and I think we were all fairly worn out so we said our good byes early and headed back home.  It was a Famous Peppers pizza kind of night.  We gobbled up our supper and then snuggled up in the living room to watch a show before bedtime.

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