Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Day 182

Happy Canada Day!  We had a wonderful day.  Got the day off to a smashing start by calling my folks and singing O Canada to them. We got some chores done and then it was off to Historic Orwell Corner for an afternoon filled with friends, family and tons of fun! 

It was great to see so many of our homeschooling friends there.  We joked that it was a homeschooling convention since there were so many of us there.  We watched the flag raising ceremony and had hotdogs and lemonade for lunch.  We followed that up with some yummy cake and then it was time for the children's races.  The kids had a blast and even won a couple of prizes.  The kids and I were a team for the scavenger hunt and I had so much fun.  Felt like just one of the kids!  There were wagon rides and animals to visit, candles to make and so much fun to be had.

Afterwards we had friends join us at our place for a BBQ and a bonfire.   My heart is just full from spending such wonderful time with great friends.  I am truly blessed!  I hope you all enjoyed your Canada Day as well!
 Flag raising ceremony.

 Beautiful Canadian horses.

 For Nate, it's all about how you hold your tongue.

 Emma-Lyn and friends making candles.

 So tranquil.

 Levi loved the animals.

It was a picture perfect kind of day.

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