Monday, July 06, 2015

Day 187

Well, it was one of those nights where my brain decided at around 1:30 we should over think everything that happened the previous day.  Lovely. 

I went downstairs and sat and thought and prayed and just as I was thinking I would go back to bed the power went out. Lovely.

This was going to make getting back upstairs interesting. I did remember that we got a call from Maritime Electric about this planned outage but that info was not helping me at the moment.  I did manage to get upstairs without injury.  Once at the top of the stairs I could hear the children starting to stir. Lovely.

We have a fan in their room for white noise and the moment the power cuts out the kids are practically springing out of their beds to have it turned back on.  Thankfully everyone was still in their beds but a little miffed about the lack of power.  And usually at this point I'd be grumpy and sleepy and just tell them to go back to sleep since there wasn't a thing we could do about it. But this time I sat down on Nate's bed and we had a lovely little chat in the semi-darkness.  And this really was lovely.

In the morning we got off to a fresh start and the kids and I went down to the waterfront.  The kids biked while I walked and pushed Levi in the stroller. Such a gorgeous morning!  We sat and watched the boats go by and then headed back up to the trail.

Sean thought it might be a nice idea to bike up to our friend Janet's place and I was pleased to go along. The kids did a great job biking together, taking breaks and watching for pedestrians. We reached Janet's house just as she was out with her dogs.  She very graciously invited us in for breakfast.  The kids and I joked that we were hobbits having our second breakfast!  The kids played and Janet and I chatted and got breakfast together.  It was a fantastic morning and the ride home went very well.  All told we traveled 5 kms this morning.

We did have our read aloud time and the kids worked with money to round out our summer session routine.

 The view...

And what summer day would be complete without the addition of floating in a kiddie pool within a pool?!

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